Canadian Bacon and Over Easy Eggs

by Eve on September 30, 2015

When starting a low-carb or ketogenic based diet, a go-to breakfast is scrambled eggs and bacon. Well, no office to my beloved cured meat, but it gets old. Scrambled eggs and bacon.

Here is how a typical week of scrambled eggs and bacon goes:

Monday: Mmm, yeah this totally hits the spot. I could eat this every day!

Tuesday: Man, this is good. Love that bacon!

Wednesday: Bacon and eggs is good, with avocado. More avocado, please.

Thursday: Has bacon always been this salty or did I accidentally put salt?

Friday: Not hungry, but I should probably eat this bacon right here. Scrambled eggs?  Again? Ugh.

So if you’re bored out of your low-carb mind, try Canadian Bacon and Over Easy Eggs. Super simple. Super yummy. Still low-carb, but different and slightly healthier since Canadian Bacon is lower in fat.

CanadianBacon and Eggs

I started with a low-sodium Canadian Bacon, and two large eggs.

Three slices of the bacon is what they call a serving, and I found it to be right on point with what I needed for morning fuel.

I heated a non-stick skillet on medium high and seared the bacon a little. It’s important to be careful with Canadian Bacon and I find that it an dry out quickly if you leave it cooking too long. It really only needs about one or two minutes each side to bring out its natural deliciousness.

Once the bacon is ready, plate it. Add a half a tablespoon of butter to the pan, and once melted gently crack the two eggs into the pan. Cook for about two minutes, taking care not to move the pan too much risking breaking the egg yokes. I add a little pepper, no salt since the bacon already has enough sodium for my taste.

Using a wide spatula, gently pick up each egg one-by-one and flipping to the other side. Be careful, they are called “over easy” for a reason.

Once you have both eggs flipped, turn off the burner. (Add pepper to this side too if you wish.) The residual heat will cook the eggs the rest of the way.

Now, I like my over easy eggs slightly runny from the yoke. The entire egg white is cooked, but the warm yoke remains a tad gooey and I dig it, man. It’s bombdiggity. Have you ever had an over easy egg on a hamburger? It’ll change your life, I’ll tell you what. That’s another blog post for another day, for sure.

Leave the eggs in the pan for about 1 minute and then plate them with the Canadian bacon. Serve while still warm. Enjoy!


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John (Daddy Runs a Lot) September 30, 2015 at 1:44 pm

While I’m big into the low-carb thing, you’re right, scrambled eggs & bacon gets old quickly (I only allow myself to have the combination every now & then – after a race, or if I find myself at a breakfast buffet — I turn it into a treat, because I start to hate myself if I start hating the combination, which I will, if I have it for a few days in a row).

This sounds like a yummy alternative.

I tend to go to lox for a go-to-breakfast protein if I find myself in need of something to replenish a workout.

John (Daddy Runs a Lot) September 30, 2015 at 1:46 pm

Also, since you started the avocado train in this post? Another fun little twist is to split an avocado in half, take the pit out, crack two eggs & fill the pit cavity with egg, and then bake at 325 for 12-15 minutes.

Holy yum.
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