About Me

Who is Eve and Why is She Awesome?

Among many other things, I’m a mama, wife, foodie, and lover of kitchen gadgets. My most important role is mama to my gorgeous little boy. He’s my pride, my joy, and my reason for living. Cheesy? Yes. True? Absolutely.

I’m obsessed with cooking, baking, and eating. Duh, right? I feel that a good meal is something to cherish, savor, and not rush.

I’m on a quest to make meals that are not only delicious, but also healthy, natural, and low-carb. I’ve lost 65 pounds over the last four years, due to sporadically going to the gym, and following a low-carb diet. The recipes I share here will be a mixture of all-natural and low sugar.

I believe in treating people the way you want to be treated. Golden Rule and whatnot. I love the phrase “and whatnot.” I believe it’s the whatnot that makes life interesting… and whatnot.

I also adore shoes. Why? Because they always fit.

Why Should YOU Read This Super Cool Food Blog?

If you are a parent: You can find yummy recipes for food your kid will actually eat!

If you want to eat healthy: You can learn with me! I’m learning how to convert delicious, but fattening recipes into healthier versions that won’t make my thighs rub together.

If you have no sense of humor: You’ll hate me. I am a hard-core lover of all things shenanigans. I pretty much laugh at anything a 12-year-old would. I may or may not be hilarious. You should probably subscribe to find out for yourself. You can’t believe everything you read on the Interwebs.

If you’re human: I am too! I write about life, stress and my not-so-long-term goals. You can relate, right?

You Know You Want To. . .

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