I’m Eve and Mama’s Hungry is where I share healthy recipes, and stories about whatever ingredient I’m obsessed with this week. My deep love of food comes from my mother. The fact that she loves to cook so much and does it so well is why I love to cook. She taught me the basics when I was very young and I’ve been building on them ever since. I currently work full-time in eCommerce, but I hope to one day own a bakery.

Reviews and Giveaways

I’m always open to pitches for products and services that relate to my blog, my life, and especially my kitchen. A few things to note about the Mama’s Hungry family:

  • We love organic and natural ingredients
  • We avoid processed and artificially-flavored foods as much as possible
  • I make 80% of our meals from scratch, and we eat out only about twice a month

If you’re interested in Mama’s Hungry hosting a giveaway, please contact me and we can discuss how you’ll benefit from giving me free stuff!

Advertising & Public Relations

Shoot me an e-mail regarding opportunities for advertising on Mama’s Hungry. If you or your client has an idea for a blog post you think my readers would be interested in, please contact me so we can discuss. I get writer’s block a lot, so you’d really be helping me out!